The Crew

Tour Member Bios:

Isaac Manobla:


Isaac (Ike) has been stoked on living life outdoors since he can remember. Biking has become much more a part of his life than ever imagined as he has become more and more involved in the cycling community every year.  As he grew up mountain biking in a small town in the mountains of Colorado, he always enjoyed cranking up and cruising down the mountains on his backyard trails. After messing around on BMX bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes, he decided to take it to the next level. He entered in some mountain bike races as well as a duathlon in Colorado. Since then, his car now serves little use, as he rides to school, along with everywhere else in town.  Ike has been volunteering at the Bike Coop in Fort Collins, CO where he has learned much about the technical and mechanical side of bicycles.  Ike just received a degree in Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism with a minor in Global Environmental Sustainability from Colorado State University. He has hopeful intentions of someday building a farm that has a strong sense of community and helps educate the youth on the importance of good food.

Heinrich (Henry) Flaig: 


Heinrich has been riding bikes since the age of 3. He recalls that magical moment the first time he rode his bike without training wheels, he was so excited he crashed into the azalea bushes. Since then he has been riding bikes of some sort. From building BMX jumps in his front yard as a kid to road biking in the Swiss Alps, to mountain biking around Colorado, to just getting groceries on his tricycle, Heinrich’s main mode of transportation is a bicycle. He attributes his love for cycling to his dad Gunther, who has been riding bikes his whole life. At one point in Heinrich’s college career he owned 8 bikes! The past 3 years Henry lived the bicycling mecca that is Fort Collins Colorado, riding bikes everyday exploring the area as well as riding to school and the local watering holes. After graduation he recently transplanted to Steamboat Springs CO, self proclaimed Bike Town USA where he works on the trail crew building and maintaining biking and hiking trails. In the last few years Heinrich has bicycle toured around Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming and has fallen in love with the freedom, simplicity, and beauty of bicycle travel. He recalls that it is one part backpacking and one part road tripping, which adds up to the equation of bicycle tour! Having earned a degree in Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism from Colorado State University’s fabled Warner College of Natural Resources, Heinrich hopes to explore the recreation and tourism opportunities that the PanAmerican Highway has to offer in sustainable style; with the hope of one day owning and operating his own sustainable tourism enterprise Heinrich is a die hard football fan (soccer) and had a taste of the World Cup when it was in Germany 2006. He has been stoked to head to Brasil since it was announced that they would be hosting the Worlds biggest party! To him, the chance to bike to the World Cup is an opportunity of a lifetime. Along the way Heinrich hopes to promote peace, friendship, cycling, football, and sustainability. Aside from biking Heinrich’s interests include climbing, footy, swimming, backpacking, snowboarding, cliff jumping, boating, hiking, cooking, and beating Ike and Tommy in foosball.


Also on tour with us are cousins Tommy Peters and Bradie Kozera of the Ranger Rides. You can check out their version of events here..


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